The Interface

I keep coming back to ‘The Interface’. The cloud tag on this blog seems to confirm this.

Lee Manovich – “A digital art object can be described as one or more interfaces to a database of multimedia material”.

Some very quick thoughts/points below, from the book ‘Digital Art’ by Christine Paul.

  • The term is 100 years old.
  • The virtual object is bound to a concept of an interface that allows the user/viewer to experience it.
  • Interface – Synonymous with navigational methods and devices that allow users to interact with the virtual 3D space of a computer program.
  • Describing the place at which independent systems meet.
  • The interface serves as a navigational Device, translator between two parties, each perceptible to the other.
  • The recontextualisation of information in various relational combinations is inherently connected to the logic of the database, which ultimately lies at the core of any digital art project.

Bringing things to life



Note to Self:

  • Question: How do I take from one extreme, the land around me, inanimate objects such as rocks, living things such as grass, water or clay and make them ‘talk’ to the connected world?
  • I can then see how the grass is, or tell the state of a rock or a piece of wood, or edit a Bog dataspace!

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