Month: February 2016

Hail Fellow Well Met

After a chance remark on the Low Residency I decided to revisit a short film I was exploring, a kind of Rural/Tech Sci-fi Wicker Man. It may be more feasible to explore now via different technology/approach as a very short piece.

“If any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…then many of us live in an age of almost Mystic Wonder”.


“Come with us West, to the very edge of Europe, there we will build another kingdom of Zeros and ones”.


“The Fates lead those who will, those who won’t…they drag”.


“You must awaken the the dark wonder that lies within your savage Pagan heart”.

3D Scanner

It’s great to get to London for a bit and put some faces with some names on the course, and to go and see some many great galleries and shows.


I got a chance to try out a 3D Scanner with some colleagues on the course. The iSense instantly transforms your iPad or iPhone into a mobile 3D scanner.


With automatic object recognition and integrated editing tools, the iSense makes it easy to capture 3D.


Note to Self:

  • Scan slowly and move the scanner right up above the subjects head.

Arduino to Processing Revisited

I have revisited an experiment I did a few weeks back, of creating a visual graph in Processing generated by triggering a sensor in Arduino. The graph generated didn’t look aesthetically pleasing so I tweaked the Processing code to change the visualisation of the data.


The visuals still don’t look as I want them so I have introduced some new code in the Processing sketch.


This changes the look of the data generated by the Arduino sensor and is closer to the look I wanted to achieve.



Note to Self:

  • Do some more versions.

Thingys/ Industry 4.0

I signed up for a free Futurelearn IoT ‘The Internet of things’ online course at kings college London. I wanted to find out more about the IoT tech side, the networks, infrastructure, Smart cities etc…the course was really geared towards entrepreneurs intent on starting their own IoT company but there was some interesting opinions and ideas from future thinkers.

Over the last few months as I was investigating sites that allow you to visualise data. I came across one called Pachube (pronounced: Patch-Bay), a data infrastructure and community for the Internet of Things i.e the twitter of IoT was the utopian vision…unfortunately it was sold to another company Xively in 2013, to become a public cloud for the IoT. Needless to say it is no longer free, most IoT companies are now attempting to monetise things.

The founder of Pachube and person who impressed the most on the future Learn course was an architect turned Technologist called Usman Haque. He seems to have a utopian vision for IoT and has now another umbrella company in London called appropiately…Umbrellium. They design and build technological tools to support citizen empowerment and high impact engagement in cities.

Some of their Inititatives are diverse…Assemblance, a collaborative immersive environment…or Porthole, an augmented reality application that contextualises energy and environmental information by overlaying three-dimensional interactive real-time data visualisations directly on the camera view of a mobile phone….or Wearon a prototyping platform for wearable designers to connect their devices quickly and simply to a smartphone, to the web and to each other….


which finally brings me to the wonderful Thingful a search engine for the Internet of Things, providing a unique geographical index of connected objects around the world.