Adamski O


I did an Arduino workshop with Adam Gibney (aka Adamski O’Gibahney) last year, so decided to check out one of his solo shows. It was a very quick but enjoyable visit to the tiny Artbox gallery a few streets away. Its a sleek, minimal space, perfect for Adam’s monochrome pieces.


‘Euclid, I miss you’ the title of his show is centred on the concepts of geometry, mathematics and certainty.

“But this map of what surrounds the present, like all maps, is only a surface; its features are but abstract signs and symbols of things that in themselves are concrete bits of sensible experience.”

William James, Some Problems of Philosophy, Harvard University Press. 1979


“Symbolic descriptions of reality, even the axiomatic, have proven to be only temporary and tentative. The line, a breadthless length…”

Euclid, Definition 2

“…now protrudes into the platonic. The solid formal structures that held truth now exist precariously within the newfound multitudes of reality. The rigorous quest for certainty seems to only expand the terrain of uncertainty. Here and there, an arbitrary line connects points, which have no part, here.”

Euclid, Definition 1


The show featured x3 audio boxes that an aerial sporadically extended from and which triggered a robotic vocal utterance. There was also nice use of what looked like self made lights, in front of linear prints that seemed to grow out of the wall itself, and then cascaded down onto the floor. A camera atop a screen filmed you as you approached and glitched your bottom half. Finally a mutated 3D printed coffee cup rested on a light table.

There was a sense of continuity between the four sets of pieces, all complimenting each other.

Note to Self:

  • Complete any 3D prints put on hold.

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