Tutorial v3.0

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney

A Skype talk with Jonathan. We mostly discussed the forthcoming interim show next month and the practicalities of me bringing over a screen to London. We also discussed monitors and how to hang and display pieces.


We also discussed some of the recent 3D imagery I had produced based on some of W.B Yeats writings.


Although the course is focussed on the practice process and concepts I said that it was important to me to have some finished complete work that is presented in a gallery setting.


Not sure Jonathan was too pushed about the voice over on the video I made called ‘Slouching towards Bethlehem’ :-). It’s meant to be Beckettian voice instructing a series of 3D orbits how to behave, similar in spirit to this lesser known Samuel Beckett play Catastrophe where John Geilgud as a powerless mute mannequin is prepared for performance by a director and his assistant.

He did suggest that I slowed it down in places. I wondered if the voiceover would make sense to anyone, he suggested that an artist like Mark Leckey’s audio may not make sense to anyone either, but just to do it.

Note to Self:

  • I have a print of some of the imagery, but would prefer to get some 3D prints done, so there is a proper physical 3D manifestation of the imagery, but there may be too many errors in the .stl files.

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