Not Still Life

More 3D scan imagery I wanted to still play with, and then put to rest.


I imported an .stl file into Blender and then wrapped a texture of itself around itself. A kind of double self portrait of itself, an object/thing.


Then I animated it to rotate, then imported it into Final Cut Pro X, and added some sound I had earlier put through a Kaoss pad. Basic, but going in the direction/aesthetic I want to take everything.


This is a continuation of my interest in the textures that make up the 3D object. I find some of the .obj and .stl files quite beautiful.



Note to Self:

  • This is I suppose is an exercise in Autumnal cleaning (if there is such a thing) and tying up loose ends from last year. Some of these scans were meant to be 3D printed for the interim show but there were too many errors in the files. Would have been nice to have had a physical manifestation of some of the 3D objects in the video, but had to settle for a print instead.
  • Conceptually it may not seem as if there is much going on here, but everything I am doing now is leaning towards OOO.
  • Organic source material. i.e. scan of a sod of clay gives way to a digital version.

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