Month: October 2016

Tutorial 5.0

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney

I had a tutorial with Jonathan after the Unit 1 assessment result, some good feedback from Jonathan and Ed about my approach, experiments, outcomes and reflections.

The main word that jumped out to both of us was the word Immersion.



I have been exploring these textural spinning orbits and short 3D video vignettes and now its time to get inside and immerse myself + the viewer. I wish to marry the use of 360 video footage and 3D scanned imagery in a Mixed reality environment, whilst also alluding to the wonderful subterranean world of Object-orientated ontology (OOO). Onwards.

Note to Self:

  • Continue the 360 camera experiments you started during the Summer.
  • Work out a quick working methology to importing 360 footage.
  • Find the best FREE VR apps to use with the cardboard headset.


Great ‘stuff’ from artist Margueritte Humeau, just discovered her work.



“Working at the intersection of art, science, and technology, Marguerite Humeau explores the mythic power of scientific narratives and their effect on a larger understanding of the world. Starting with intensive research, Humeau traverses diverse fields such as paleontology, media theory, and biology to find factual basis for her sculptural and sound-based works”. [1]



“I use scientific facts but also and more importantly speculations and fictions. I want to create strong physical, almost supernatural experiences”.[1]


In her pieces, she narrates fictional events such as the re-emergence of extinct, prehistoric creatures or otherworldly beings. Through visual and sonic relations, the London-based artist’s work deconstructs and elaborates on scientific knowledge, reorienting our understanding of the world around us.

Note to Self:

  • Her work exists in a screen environment and also untethered physical manifestations.