Tutorial 5.0

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney

I had a tutorial with Jonathan after the Unit 1 assessment result, some good feedback from Jonathan and Ed about my approach, experiments, outcomes and reflections.

The main word that jumped out to both of us was the word Immersion.



I have been exploring these textural spinning orbits and short 3D video vignettes and now its time to get inside and immerse myself + the viewer. I wish to marry the use of 360 video footage and 3D scanned imagery in a Mixed reality environment, whilst also alluding to the wonderful subterranean world of Object-orientated ontology (OOO). Onwards.

Note to Self:

  • Continue the 360 camera experiments you started during the Summer.
  • Work out a quick working methology to importing 360 footage.
  • Find the best FREE VR apps to use with the cardboard headset.

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