360 Multi-verse

Firstly lets differentiate between Full VR and 360/VR video.
With Full VR:

  • Each moment is generated live
  • The user interacts to control what happens

With 360 Video:

  • Its a single experience rendered in advance
  • The viewer chooses where to look
  • In traditional film editing we think in terms of frames.

    “In a 360 environment a ‘frame’ is a relative window of experience derived from the visitor’s field of vision. This makes everything a potential frame, but also makes a premeditated frame based on my own interests presumptuous and, well, wrong most of the time.” [1]

    These visuals below are more reflective of the spatial reality of the medium, more apt to its multi-verse tendencies where every path exists simultaneously. Worlds of experience extending from one another, much like ripples in a pond or rings in a trunk of a tree.


    We need to identify the potential experiences in each world, evaluate the probability that they will occur, and then take into account how a visitor might engage with them, I could then identify possible paths. I could rotate these worlds around each other, using the most probable potential experiences to guide someone through.


    Then perhaps I could work backwards through these layers of experience, take what insights editing these worlds provide and use them to help shape the creation of these worlds from the start.

    “…there needs to be the existence of a unique link between the mind of the creator and the mind of the visitor. It appears to be very specific to this medium and something that could have never existed until presence became a factor.” [2]

    Note to Self:

    • Work out a DIY method of writing a 3D treatment/screenplay. current methods will not suffice.
    • To capture proper 360 green screen film footage of actors, a curved circular cyc green screen would have to be constructed, with maybe spot lighting from above?

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