Month: January 2017

Low Poly

Preparing a really basic Low Poly cone shape for 3D printing, originally created in Blender.


Trying to keep the time/cost down by hollowing out the objects innards and adding escape holes in Meshmixer.


Also looking at the bounding box and seeing if this is correct in Cura.


Note to Self:

  • Not sure about the workflow in priming for 3D print, but after printing will hopefully see any errors and adjust my approach accordingly.
  • Once I see the best methodology, I can then print out my more adventurous mutant shapes.



“Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation.” – Wernher Von Braun.


A combination of re-reading Thomas Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s Rainbow, cargo cults and Platonic solids conspired against me to wash me up on the online shore of an Airfix kit page dedicated to secret WW2 aircraft, most notably the Horten Brothers, two WW2 era aviation inventors who pioneered the Horten 229 aka ‘the Flying Wing’.


I have always been fascinated by the scientific leaps made in 1944-45 as the Nazi’s desperately tired to develop ‘Wunderwaffe’ or wonder weapons such as the V1 and V2 rockets to turn the tide of WW2. A recent BBC piece on the Horten 229.


With current world events mirroring the 1930’s, and another extreme narcissist having just assumed power, I look at these ‘Wunderwaffe’ as a foreboding echo from history.


“Causality does not take place ‘in’ a space that has been established already. Instead it radiates from objects…”. Timothy Morton: ‘Realist Magic objects, Ontology, Causality’.

Note to Self:

  • OOO: Even when they are isolated from all external influences, objects seem to breathe with a strange life…



When trying to do some 3D prints from object 3D scans, was confronted by a bewildering amount of vertices, edges and faces that the 3D printer can’t fathom.


Will generate instead a few quick mutated polygons that it can understand for print.


Note to Self:

  • On new basic polys: Hollow out the model and add escape holes to reduce print time/cost.
  • Scale down the bounding box.

Polygon Window


I think these paintings by John Pierre-Roy are just the right side of cheesy.


They reminded me of Goya’s black paintings, which featured many giants (Colossus), mixed with some kind of contemporary post-rave come down aesthetic.


Giant contemporary figures with polygonal heads and CMYK colours striding through vast lunar/desert landscapes.


Note to Self:

  • Some Platonic solids + day-glo Goya giants.