Ultimaker 2

Finally got to print some 3d objects on the Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2+ extended 3D printers.


We added two objects to each printers plate, one will print in silver and the other in yellow.


It was interesting to see how to check the .stl file in Cura software before transferring the info to the printer itself via a SG card.


I checked that the file was flat via the ‘lay flat’ feature, that both objects were yellow in colour in Cura, hence they were both inside the bounding box print area.

I checked the layers to see if the first frame would print to the build plate properly and manually tweaked the nossle if too far away.


I checked the scale size and also if the object needed support, so set to brim for some support, you use raft if it needs a lot scaffolding support.


I also tweaked the layer height to 0.15 so less layers to print and the shell thickness to 0.6 so as to make the shell slightly thinner.

Note to Self:

  • the 3D prints still it came in at 15 hours!
  • Interesting to see the objects ‘inner landscape’ as the layers gradually print, the interior will be hidden forever when printed.

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