Month: April 2017


I finally got my hands on a decent HMD, I got to borrow a HTC Vive with x2 controllers and x2 base stations off a video editor colleague. A shame I didn’t get my hands on it a few months back but, c’est la vie.

I installed Steam and SteamVR, bought the Tilt Brush app and have been painting and sculpting in the void the last few days.

There are a lot of cheesy brushes in Tilt Brush, but there a handful of really nice ones, so the potential is huge.

Note to Self:

  • You can also export any 3D object created in Tilt brush as an .fbx for use in Unity. It seems to strip off any materials though.
  • You can also import 3D objects but seems to be one at a time only.
  • The novelty of ‘light sculpting’ soon wears off, but a great tool as it continues to evolve.

Terra Firma

I have been adding and sculpting Terrain in Unity.

I have become fascinated by some of the default standard assets and how they can look when sculpted.

“If things are intrinsically withdrawn, irreducible to their perceptions or relations or uses, they can only affect each other in a strange region of traces and footprints.”

Trees, grasses, mud etc… An almost naive realm, an environment to host whatever decides to play out in it. Who or what will populate this digital kingdom?

There is a naive default beauty to these standard assets.

Note to Self:

  • Low poly leaves in the trees also, but like the aesthetic.
  • Need to learn about lighting levels and baking light etc…

Reversed across the ages

A quick 3D study for a future project.

V-1 wooden rocket as an inverted type of Cargo Cult, DIY Fetish object, made with ‘driftwood’ from skips or the street.

Waiting to summon the rockets from the skys/void. The message has bounced back through the decades and hopes to soften the landings.

or an Arctic version.

Instead of driftwood DIY, polar bear fur. Fake fur from a charity shop.

Note to Self:

  • Physical V-1 rocket site/Cargo cult runway + AR.

Tutorial 6.0

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney

I had a tutorial with Jonathan yesterday and as always we broached some interesting subjects. We discussed the final show, and an important point he raised for now and also for the future is always to have a Plan B in case you run into any difficulties.

We also got talking about Adam Curtis and how he cuts through all the noise and hits the nail on the head. His series ‘The Century of the Self’ from the 00’s discussed how Freud’s American PR consultant nephew Edward Bernays basically showed corporations how to manipulate the masses and make the general public want things they didn’t need by linking massed produced goods to their unconscious desires.

Another interesting provocatuer is Andrew Keen, his book ‘The internet is not the answer’ argues that today’s Internet business models have harmed society by ushering in a vastly unequal distribution of economic power and value.

Also discussed was Facebook’s attempts to buy Snapchat and their failed attempts to mimic it. Snapchat is interestingly curated by humans, as is Apple news. All theses threads of discussions go back to another of Adam Curtis’s films ‘Hypernormalisation’ and his theories about the art world, and where power today lies.