Tutorial 6.0

Tutor: Jonathan Kearney

I had a tutorial with Jonathan yesterday and as always we broached some interesting subjects. We discussed the final show, and an important point he raised for now and also for the future is always to have a Plan B in case you run into any difficulties.

We also got talking about Adam Curtis and how he cuts through all the noise and hits the nail on the head. His series ‘The Century of the Self’ from the 00’s discussed how Freud’s American PR consultant nephew Edward Bernays basically showed corporations how to manipulate the masses and make the general public want things they didn’t need by linking massed produced goods to their unconscious desires.

Another interesting provocatuer is Andrew Keen, his book ‘The internet is not the answer’ argues that today’s Internet business models have harmed society by ushering in a vastly unequal distribution of economic power and value.

Also discussed was Facebook’s attempts to buy Snapchat and their failed attempts to mimic it. Snapchat is interestingly curated by humans, as is Apple news. All theses threads of discussions go back to another of Adam Curtis’s films ‘Hypernormalisation’ and his theories about the art world, and where power today lies.


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