London Quickies

Last Saturday I had some time so had a quick nip around a couple of galleries. I went to the Ashley Bickerton’s show called ‘Ornamental Hysteria’ in Newport Street gallery.

I had aware of his ‘Good painting/Bad Painting’ and his day-glo Bali stuff, but there were some interesting earlier assemblages and nice subtle glass/mirror pieces that I hadn’t seen before.

Then I went up to see a small Mark Leckey show in Cubbit gallery near Angel Tube station called ‘Affect Bridge Age regression’.

As usual Leckey didn’t disappoint. The exhibition further explores Leckey’s childhood memory of a motorway bridge, it includes a model bridge, a series of posters, sodium lamps commonly used for street lighting and a new sound work.

“The bridge is real. It exists on the outskirts of the city. Leckey describes it as “a Hungry Ghost standing at the very end of the 20th century”. It is nostalgically attached to him like an out of sight body part or chimera’s mutated limb, acting as a conduit for memory, technology and somatic effect.”

What was also interesting was the chanted incantation to the bridge, a strange diatribe including such incongruous characters as ‘Jack o’ the Green’, navvies of the M53 and Clement Atlee. Hopefully someone might at some stage release this on vinyl and we can all sing along.


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