Final Show Install

I flew over to London a few days back to begin the install of the final show. I bought locally x2 bags of gravel and x2 bags of wood shavings. After drying out the materials overnight I was ready to start the install. Here it is below in the ‘off state’.

After a few choice suggestions from colleagues I swivelled the layout around a tad so that the x2 light stands with the HTC Vive base stations were less obtrusive and the screen was viewable as one entered the space. I also was advised to have a ‘resting state’ with video playing, for the installation for when the VR was turned off. Here it is below.

I had customised a chest to hold the gaming PC needed to run the Vive, but we decided it was a fire risk and alternatively I housed it behind a white plinth. Here is the ‘full install’ below with the VR turned on.

Note to Self:

  • Always interesting when setting up a piece, you learn so much.
  • Added x2 ground lights also to cast emphasis on the 3D objects.

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