Category: Three.js



A couple of my classmates have been making in the browser in webGL, a javascript framework and javascript 3D Library three.js and babylon.js and have been meaning to do some myself, it reminds me of web in the 00’s, onmouseover events etc.


I also have a lot of imagery from 3D scans last year that weren’t utilised properly, one in particular ‘Sod it’ of a sod of clay I scanned, there were some nice 3D textures that also tied in with a lot of the OOO (Object-orientated ontology) reading I have been doing for the research paper.



My classmate Celine did a browser piece during the summer I liked with stone imagery, I asked her could I rip some of the code to get started and she said go for it. So like all things that utilise code javascript, Arduino and Processing, I am copy and pasteing source code and customising it. Its a good way into it, and will do some more pieces as I go along this year.

Heres Sods Law, click on the bits and drag around.


Note to Self:

  • I wanted to do something in the browser using webGL however simple, I understand the bones of it and may do something more complex again time permitting.