Project Proposal v2.0

Research Question

I have been increasingly drawn to the world of 3D scanning and 360 films. I find scanned 3D objects and 3D objects quite beautiful and wish to explore the unfurled textures, meshes and wireframes that make up the very essence of the 3D object.


They are the virtual skeleton of any 3D scan. Unfurled these 3D textures reveal themselves as the very essence of the 3D object. When fully rendered the 3D object finds its place for all to see on the X, Y and Z axes. I am searching for the essence of each thing/object and I will attempt to imbue these entities with real meaning through screen and physical manifestation.


In tandem with a new found interest in the 3D object and 360 environments I became aware of OOO or ‘Object-orientated ontology. It’s a recent school of thought that shows that non-human objects and/or things can exist in a certain fashion that lies outside our own anthropocentric idea of consciousness. This in my mind has made things strange again in the land of contemporary art, the antecedent and the predictable comforting signifiers of meaning have thankfully away. Time to get excited again.

The Context

Interesting to see how my proposal has changed over the course of the first year. I suppose it would be strange if it hadn’t, this is a living document after all, some experiments fall by the wayside, some put one in the right direction. The Low Residency in Feb 2016 as quite influential for me as I saw what other class members were doing and some were in areas similar to mine. It was great to see the technology they were using, and I got some great tips on 3D scanners and apps to use.


The collaborative project re: The Anthropocene was very important to me. I had become increasing frustrated using the Arduino to explore the interface and felt I had painted myself into a corner, so to speak. The visuals I had produced via code/processing were not just the aesthetic I wanted and felt a change in tack was needed. That saying I will hopefully return to the Arduino at some stage and combine some sensor knowledge I learned with a 3D project.


A lot of 360 environments seem to have been explored via gaming engines such as Unity and unreal, wheres I am more interested in capturing 360 via video. Also the audio possibilities are quite pronounced, sound being used as a narrative device to direct viewers to certain places in the 360 orbit. I have done some experiments and the main grievances I have are how to conceal the camera and myself whilst filming, I can set the app to start/stop and then edit myself out of the beginning and end of the footage, and also the camera on a high tripod is helpful but it is still there, newer cameras like the Nikon keymission 360 camera may solve some of these issues.


A example of two contemporary artists below that I am excited about their work. Both existing in a screen environment and also untethered physical manifestations.

Margueritte Humeau

Jon Rafman


I started to scan objects and people and using a free app by Autodesk called ‘123D Catch, the visuals are quite messy but I like the aesthetic.



When scanned and downloaded from the online repository part of the download will generate mesh and .stl and .obj files needed for importing to a 3D program like Blender. It also includes one or more textural .jpg files. I became intrigued by these textures,they were like virtual skins. The mesh.stl and .obj files can also appear quite beautiful when viewed.



I have been importing these scanned 3D objects into a 3D program Blender, and manipulating their materials and textures and lighting. Some I have animated to rotate and then saved out to re-imported into a video editing program like Final Cut Pro X, then audio added and saved out again. Below is a .stl file that was imported into Blender and then a texture of itself was wrappedaround itself. A kind of double self portrait of itself, an object/thing.


I have been using Autodesk’s 123D Catch app to scan and archive objects.


I have been using a Ricoh Theta 360 camera for 360 stills and very short videos.


I wish to marry the use of 360 video footage and 3D scanned imagery in a Augmented Reality/Mixed reality environment, realising these combinations on the screen and also hopefully in the physical by means of 3D prints. The screens virtual inhabitants bleeding into the physical space.