Research Paper

This is the research paper I recently submitted. Here is the link to download the pdf.


The 3D object and its shadow aspect.


In Jungian psychology, the shadow also called the ‘shadow aspect’ alludes to the unconscious part of a persons personality which the conscious ego does not readily identify in itself. Because we reject the least desirable aspects of our personality, the shadow is often perceived as negative, although there are positive creative aspects which also can remain hidden in one’s shadow. I will explore the correlation between Jung’s theory and the thing/3D object, arguing that dormant things and the unfurled ‘textures/meshes/wireframes’ of the 3D object are shadow aspects. I will concentrate on two specific works, (1) ‘Mark Leckeys: GreenScreenrefrigeratorAction’ and (2)’Andrew Thomas Huangs; Hyperskins. The thing/3D object in its ‘solid state’ is the conscious mind (presence), the dormant thing and the unfurled textures/meshes /wireframes are the ‘shadow self’ (absence). By exploring the school of thought of Object-oriented ontology I will attempt to imbue these entities with real meaning and show that non-human things or objects can exist in a certain fashion that lies outside our own anthropocentric idea of consciousness.


Shadow, Object, Things, Presence, Absence, Being, Object-Orientated Ontology, Consciousness.