This is the final summary below. Some of the info below may resemble/cross over from the Unit 2 assessment post, so bear with me.

Critical Evaluation

During the MA my practice has changed considerably, this is down to many factors and reasons. I found the Skype sessions invaluable, as a cross pollination of ideas and references. Many times an artist or piece of work was suggested and I investigated it further. Also some of the lectures were eye opening, and it was good to see others workflow and methodology.

The blog was also a very useful tool in helping me take a step back and look at things objectively. It helped me add a certain finesse to my practice and as time went on I found my making and realised ideas were less clumsy and more subtle. Maybe I will keep writing a private blog for myself as I’ve got into the habit, my ‘mutterings’ or ‘notes to self’ at the end of each post in bullet points cut to the chase and summed up the info.

Also towards the end I started an Instagram account, this is a good way if you are too close to something, to get quick feedback from followers and random people about the aesthetics/look and feel of something, its interesting what people like and what they don’t.

I went from experimenting with the interface via Arduino and processing to embracing the world of 3D scanning and 360 video. This in turn lead me to 3D printing, 3D blender software, Final Cut Pro video editing and finally arriving at the immersive world of the HTC Vive /Tilt Brush and the gaming engine Unity and its virtual terrains. To be immersive was the goal and I finally arrived at it.

Future Development

I have been trying to gradually go sideways from the day job of Web Design into more exciting areas. This MA has kicked me into doing that. I have no ego where it comes to gaining knowledge, I have learned so much from a chance remark made by someone over a cup of tea or a beer, or by a chat on the way to a show on the low residency.

I see VR as a 21st century art form/medium, it mirrors cinema from the early 20th century where we had pioneers like Vertov and Melies solving many narrative and technical issues that eventually led to the two hour feature film. I hope to apply for funding and continue doing VR pieces, some for installation for shows, some simply for the headset(HMD) or online. Also holograms and algorithms/online and AR interest me. I hope to pursue another more grayscale/moody VR piece set on the very edge of Europe in the West of Ireland that I initially wanted to do as a short film, VR would be perfect for it.

It is all story telling after all!