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Guomundsdottir on the strand

I went to see the Bjork’s VR show in Somerset house in London. I had heard mixed reviews about it but as not often in London decided to pop down.


It was ok. It wasn’t so much the work, which was good but the way it was presented. I couldn’t help feel like I was on a conveyor belt, until the next group come in shortly afterwards.


The piece that had the most lasting effect on me was ‘NOTGET’, Bjork as moth giantess, quite eerie and spooky as she got bigger and bigger and almost took over the circular space.


Note to Self:

  • Sat on circular chairs most of the VR pieces were on Samsung smart phones in Samsung VR headsets. The NOTGET piece was on a HTC headset wired from the roof and hooked up to a local PC.
  • Presented thus, it becomes apparent what a nascent technology VR is and I wonder if it will ever take off as an entertainment platform outside of gaming circles. Maybe Augmented Reality has a better chance.

Andrew Thomas Huang

I first came across the work of Andrew Thomas Huang a few months ago when he directed the video for Bjork’s Stonemilker track, it was a 360 virtual Reality experience.



He seems to combine constructed objects, puppets etc..with 3D imagery and CGI effects. Some of his instagram ‘sketches’ are above, they seem to be of strange, fierce and mythical 3D rendered creatures, which are beautiful. He is Asian/American and seems to have that affinity for a bright and powerful colour palette, oranges and turquoises mix with deep reds and day-glo limes.


This video below by a musician called ‘Solipsist’ (good name) 🙂 explores some interesting alien/ biological looking creatures around the 3:00 minute mark.

Note to Self:

  • Creatures: I thought his ‘creature visuals’ in the video were kind of similar to some of the ideas I was exploring here.