Tag: Blender

VR/MR Maker

I was in London for a few days so popped down to a UAL affiliated VR/MR maker day in Chelsea College of Art.


It was fairly informal and there were various desks/sections featuring Arduino, Leap Motion, Virtual Reality etc..I was interested in getting an overview into how one sets up a Virtual reality environment in 3D gaming software Unity, and create a Terrain, work with collidors, prefabs etc..


I also got a demonstration of a 360 3D/Spherical camera the Ricoh Theta S, this is for grabbing 360 live video or still footage. Overall a worthwhile and enlightening day.

3D Experiments

Delving into Blender 3D rendering software, a steep learning curve, many sites for objects to explore, and forums to offer advice. I’ve got my head around the basics.

Some background audio sung by a Traveller Woman in Gaelic and put through a Kaoss effects pad. Then all edited in Final Cut Pro X.

Note to Self:

  • Short and basic but a template for similar video sketches I want to complete, in tandem with other more time consuming projects.