Unit 1 Assessment

Please find below links to the various blog posts over the last year, most of the posts where relevant have a ‘Reflection’ section at the end entitled ’Note to Self’ . This is a quick bullet pointed way of cutting to the crux of the post and also reminding myself after the fact what is important. It is essentially me muttering to myself!

I have x2 Project proposals listed in the pages section of the blog. The Project Proposal is a living document and should be re-written to reflect the changes in my thinking and practice as the MA course evolves.

Project Proposal v.1.0 https://patrkhenry.wordpress.com/project-proposal-v1-0/


Project Proposal v.2.0 https://patrkhenry.wordpress.com/project-proposal-v2-0/

Learning Outcomes

#1: Formulate, describe and implement a challenging and self-directed programme of study, relating to your Project Proposal

After the Low Residency last February I found my experiments and working methods were not producing the aesthetic results I wanted so had a change in making practice and moved from working with Arduino sensors and exploring the interface to exploring 360 environments and the 3D objects and their component parts. So hopefully you will see my ‘evolution’ through various phases to the point I am now with my current practice.

I started out using Arduino sensors and investigating the interface, and the Blynk app to trigger actions. Here are some blog posts regarding research and reading.




These are more inspirational based posts below, referencing some artists I admired.




These more 3D related posts reflects my later and current interests;








#2: Critically engage with practice-based research and contribute actively to debate and discussion

Here are some examples of early practice based Arduino research, these were in some experiments, in others more attempts at making, establishing research methods and finding a working rhythm.








There were few pieces that never got finished properly, notably Dirtbox and Woody below. I still hope to make them virtual somehow, or maybe combine then into one as I was really fond of them.



Here are examples of work after my ‘Road to Damascus’ moment re: change of direction. It becomes apparent I have been increasingly drawn to the world of 3D scanning and 360 video. I find scanned 3D objects and 3D objects quite beautiful and wish to explore the unfurled textures, meshes and wireframes that make up the very essence of the 3D object. They are the virtual skeleton of any 3D scan. Unfurled these 3D textures reveal themselves as the very essence of the 3D object. When fully rendered the 3D object finds its place for all to see on the X, Y and Z axes. I am searching for the essence of each thing/object and I will attempt to imbue these entities with real meaning through screen and physical manifestation.




I started to scan objects and people and using a free app by Autodeskcalled ‘123D Catch’, the visuals are quite messy but I like the aesthetic. When scanned and downloaded from the online repository part of the download will generate mesh and .stl and .obj files needed for importing to a 3D program like Blender. It also includes one or more textural .jpg files. I became intrigued by these textures,they were like virtual skins. The mesh.stl and .obj files can also appear quite beautiful when viewed.




Some making in the browser in webGL, a javascript framework and javascript 3D Library three.js. Heres a link to ‘Sods Law’ below. Click on the bits and drag around.


I wish to marry the use of 360 video footage and 3D scanned imagery in an Augmented Reality environment, realising these combinations on the screen and also hopefully in the physical by means of 3D prints. I am trying to sort some 3D .stl files for print that had too many errors in them, and the 3D printer would have only picked up 25% of the scan and been unable to print. If I can’t fix the files I’ll use other newer ones.




I feel I have been fairly active in the weekly online discussions and look forward to them, for me they have been most rewarding in getting other peoples opinions and also tips about artists, galleries and methods.

I really enjoyed the Low residency week in early 2016 and had some great discussions, mostly on the way to exhibitions, in the pub or cafe. There was some interesting work going on in the 2nd year and really enjoyed the collaborative The Anthropocene video with four or five other classmates. Unfortunately I’m not sure what happened to the finished video and if it ever made it online to link to.

#3: Critically reflect upon your practice and articulate a clear understanding of methodology and context of your creative practice

As mentioned in the intro you will find below most of the posts a ‘Reflection’ section entitled ’Note to Self’. This articulates my thinking in relation to each post but below I have listed the ones, (some previously listed above) that seemed most important and relevant to me in regard to both the earlier work and the later 3D objects and 360 environments.








and x3 short video vignettes;




I found post-tutorial important times, as I really asked myself what I was doing and which direction I wanted the work/making to go in. This second tutorial with Jonathan I felt around then that my direction and focus would have to readjust.


And here at the time of the 3rd tutorial I had moved on and fully embraced my new working world.


Also the interim show was important as it for me marked end of the first year for me and also a piece in a proper gallery setting however informal.


and when stepping back from it in the cold harsh light of day I saw where I was and all the flaws and all the learning and work I had to do in the coming year.

Also someone asked me why was I doing an MA? and I really asked myself why was I? and really reflected on this. I suppose I wanted to push myself into unknown territory, I don’t mind failing along the way or looking like fool as long as I gather information and whittle down the excess creative baggage I have along the way.

Writing the research paper was all a good way of really focusing on my interests and reading about what really mattered to me.

Here’s a link to the Research paper blog posting – https://patrkhenry.wordpress.com/research-paper/

and the Research paper pdf download – https://patrkhenry.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/patrickhenry-the-3d-object-and-its-shadow-aspect-seconddraft.pdf

The research paper really opened up the world of OOO, or ’Object-orientated ontology’ to me, I find it fascinating. It’s a recent school of thought that shows that non-human objects and/or things can exist in a certain fashion that lies outside our own anthropocentric idea of consciousness. This in my mind has made things strange again in the land of contemporary art, the antecedent and the comforting signifiers of meaning have thankfully fallen away. Time to get excited again.


I feel I am slowly starting to think like a fine artist and not a designer. Its been a painful process. I have felt many times that there has been no conceptual hook to hang a lot of my making on. I don’t want to backwards engineer a piece and say that idea was part of the process all along when it was tacked on afterwards. I think most people can sense that and I don’t want to do it. I would rather say ‘I am not sure what I am doing, I am simply ‘making’.

I only feel now after a year of stops and starts, a slippery slope of three steps forward two steps back that I am on the cusp of getting to the bones of the kind of work I have envisaged inside my mind. I divide my MA time into two kind of slots, one is an on-going grunt world of forcing myself to do tutorials in Blender, Final cut Pro X, 360 camera trials and other knowledge acquisition. The other side is when I try to make, get excited and advance my creative agenda to its logical conclusion. All strands now need to start coming together into a cohesive outcome. Walter Benjamin once said ‘make way for the destructive character’, I like to say ‘make way for the constructive character’. Here I come….make room!